Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is fun---be sure to leave a comment if you want to play... I won a drawing on Kassie's blog, so now it is my turn to "pay it forward"! This is how it works... You simply make a comment to this post in the next week and on Saturday -- January. 5th, I will put your name in a drawing and the three people that I draw out get something fun sent to them from me! Winners will be posted on the 5th or 6th. If you win, be prepared to PAY IT FORWARD! *must have a blog to play and be able to pay it forward* Sooo fun!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas

WARNING....long post ahead. Who am I kidding, I think all my posts end up being pretty long.

We had an amazing Christmas this year spending time with lots of family, which in our eyes is the most important thing during this time of year. Troy's brother is here from North Carolina, so we spent a few nights, including Christmas Eve, at Troy's mom's house spending time with his siblings. It was a lot of fun. We played lots of different games, the kids spent lots of time with their cousins, and we had a chance to sit around and catch up a bit.

Not very often do we get all five siblings together at the same time, so we had to make sure to get some pictures.

And this was a picture perfect moment in itself, Eric and Troy did the dishes after dinner!! :)
Uncle Eric was showing the kids how to stand at attention....they thought it was pretty cool. Uncle Eric is a Drill Sargent (sp) in the Army.

This year we decided to do Christmas morning at our own house. This is the first year in eight years of marriage that we have done this, but with three young kids now, it just seemed like the logical thing to do. It was a very enjoyable morning. Our kids were so exhausted from all the previous late nights, that they slept in until 8:45. We were so shocked.

This is the gift the kids picked out for their dad.....a new BEARS hat!! He loved it!!
This was the cutest thing. After all the commotion of opening presents, breakfast, and getting ready for the day......I realized that Jaycee was being very quiet. So I went searching for her and found her asleep on the floor in front of the couch. The busy morning must have been too much for her! :)
Once we left our house for the day we went over to Troy's Dad's house to visit for a bit and take them our gifts.

Then after leaving Steve and Helen's house we headed to Burley to spend a little time with my parent's before my dad had to go to work. We exchanged gifts with them and then the kids played with their new stuff a majority of the day. In the evening after dad had left for work, Uncle Craig and Aunt Keri along with their kids came out to play. They brought their guitar hero game and Cody brought his new Wii. It was a ton of fun trying out the new games.

We ended the night with a game of Disney Scene It before we headed home. All three kids were asleep before we hit the freeway and we were so ready to get to bed ourselves. When I woke up this morning it looked like a Christmas bomb had gone off inside my house, but as I slowly started picking up and putting all the new things away, I was so thankful for such a wonderful holiday! Hope you all had a great holiday too!!

Monday, December 24, 2007


So my Uncle Perry who both my hubby and I are very close to turned 40 this month. His birthday was on the 20th, but his beautiful wife pulled off an AMAZING party for him yesterday at the Chadwick in Burley. He had no idea until he pulled into the parking lot that anything was going on. There was a great turnout of friends and family, great food and drinks, and lots of fun. Happy Birthday Uncle Perry - WE LOVE YOU!!!

This last picture is a little bit of an inside joke....Marcy, love the eyes, Just like Steph! :) WE LOVE YOU STEPH!!