Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009

This year we had two kids getting ready for the First Day Of School. Kayden is going into the 2nd grade and Ori is going into Kindergarten. Ori was so excited to get to finally go to the "real school".

Here they are posing out in front of our house before we left for school.Even Jaycee thought she needed in a picture with brothers.Then we took a couple of individual pictures. The posed all on their own and I totally dying laughing inside. How cute are they.Kayden - 2nd gradeOri - Kindergarten Once we got to the school we decided we needed one more picture on the playground.
And one showing off their cool backpacks.
This is Kayden with his teacher Mrs. Carlson.And Ori with his teacher Mrs. LeBlancThen one last picture of Kayden sitting at his new desk.

And Ori starting a group activity at his table.

Crazy to only have Jaycee going to daycare, but let me tell you.....a lot cheaper! :)