Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So there is something that I have been wanting to share for such a long time now, but I couldn't because it was a BIG BIG BIG secret. Now that the day has finally come I can share what we did.

My Aunt Marcy never was able to go to prom, so my Uncle Perry and I got together and came up with a GREAT idea. For their anniversary this year we decided to throw her a surprise prom. We went and found the yearbook from her junior prom which was 1988. We did the same theme, same decorations, same everything. My uncle funded it all, but because he was trying to keep everything a secret I asked our really good friends (Marcy's brother and sister-in-law) if they would help me pull this off. There is no way I would have been able to do it without the help of Dave and Steph. It turned out to be such a fun night. We asked everyone to please come dressed formal, either 80s formal or now formal. It was so fun to see every one's outfits.

And......we pulled it off. Marcy had no idea what was going on until we walked in the door and took the blindfold off of her. Her husband told her that we were going on and "80s high school date" for their anniversary. So Steph and I showed up at her house with dresses, nylons, blue eyeshadow, hairspray, and the works to get ready. They guys all got ready at another house and came and picked us up. We told Marcy that we had several stops along the way before we were going out to eat at the place Perry made reservations at. So we made a couple of stops at places that were hot spots for dates in high school, like....Dairy Queen for ice cream, the canal bank :), etc. Then they last stop (which she thought was dinner) was the prom. We even bought them flowers to wear and crowned a king and queen (which of course was the two of them.)

Such a fun thing to do and it turned out so nice. It was so much fun to get all dressed up in the 80s clothes and hair and just think "outside of the box". Here are several pictures from the evening.