Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jaycee's new comforter set

Since Jaycee moved into her twin bed, I have been looking for a comforter for it. I painted her room to coordinate with the colors of her bedding that went on her crib and I really liked the colors and was hoping to find something that would go along with it so I didn't have to repaint. But after looking.......looking......looking, no luck. I was about to give up and then I finally found something.

This is the colors on her wall. It is a neutral tan colored wall and I painted one big stripe around the top portion of the room. Then I accented with bright red. I loved the combination.And now introducing Jaycee's new comforter set...... It came with the sham
The comforter and bed skirt

And the curtain.

I totally love it and Jaycee is in love with the lady buys. It is amazing how well it matches the walls and decorations.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Working on Valentine's Cards

This year all three kids had valentine lists for their classmates. It was fun, one evening after dinner we sat all three of them up to the table. We opened up all three boxes of valentines we had bought and let them pick and choose which one that wanted to give to each person.

Here is Kayden working on his list.
And here is "Cheeser" Jaycee working on hers. I swear this girl can't take a normal picture right now. Does anyone else have kids that do this or is it just my little crazy one?
Ori working on his list.
I had to add one more picture. I just loved this one of Jaycee. She was concentrating so hard on what she was writing on this one. SO cute!

Super Bowl 2009

We spent Superbowl enjoying Perry and Marcy's new house. Well I guess it isn't technically a new house, but it looks like a brand new house with the remodel and addition. We decided to keep it simple and relaxed and started out with just the "six pack". Dave and Steph brought this fun 3D glasses that we were suppose to wear for a commercial later on in the game.We made lots of finger foods to snack on and then Perry and Marcy made tri-tip with homemade mac and cheese and lots of fixings for dinner. It was so yummy. The kids hung out at Dave and Steph's house and played with their girls all day. We played lots of cards and then watched the game.

Later in the day Jason and Hailey stopped by on their way home from skiing. Here are some pictures of the group around the table playing cards. It was such a fun and relaxing day and ended up being a really good game too!

Perry, Marcy, and Colton Hailey, Steph, Riley, and Jason
Troy, Dave, and Jen

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our first Pinewood Derby

Here is the finished product... For anyone who knows Kayden, they know how patriotic he is. So when we asked how he wanted to paint his car his two ideas were either red, white, and blue or camo. We felt that red, white, and blue would be easier so we went with that. It turned out really nice. We put a big USA on the top with lots of stars. Then we put his name on the back.
Thanks to Aunt Amber for the use of her Silhouette machine to cut out the vinyl to decorate it.

He was so proud of the way it turned out.
His brother and sister wanted to pose with him for one picture before we left.
Kayden was lucky to have several supporters show up to cheer him on. Papa Clyde and Aunt Ab Jo came from Burley to watch. (Don't ask what my daughter is doing in this picture. That is her new thing, to pull faces when I want a picture.)
Grandpa Steve and Grandma Helen were there to show their support too.
And of course Mom and Dad and his brother and sister were there.

They had an awesome track that was all computerized. I guess the pinewood derby has been around long enough to give them plenty of time to perfect it.

They raced four boys at a time. When it was their turn to race they got to sit in the four chairs by the finish line. Each boy had to race his car on each of the four lanes of the track. Then they combined all of their times and ranks to see who won overall.
This is kind of hard to see in the picture, but they had this up on the wall so you could see how each car did. As soon as they crossed the finish line it showed their time, who came in what place, and their time.
Dad, Kayden, and Grandpa watching some of the other races.
Jaycee and Ori had a great time with this. They sat right down in front and watched every race.
After all the races were finished for all the different age groups, they handed out awards. Kayden won first place for his division and received a really awesome trophy.
Then all the first place cars from each division raced at the very end for the award of Pride of the Pack. Kayden had to race against boys who were all older than him. He did such a great job and ended up winning third overall. He received a Huge 3rd place ribbon for the pack race.
This was such a fun event. The whole family really enjoyed going and watching him race. Now we have a lot to live up to for next year. We better start planning now. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kayden's 1st derby car

Kayden is a Tiger Cub this year which is the youngest rank in the scouts. This has been our first year doing scouts and we have really enjoyed it. We just had the opportunity to help Kayden make his first pinewood derby car. He was so excited to do this. Grandpa Jensen and Dad helped him get started on this project. We picked a pattern off of the Internet and then Kayden helped his dad cut it out and sand it.Kayden felt so important that he got to stand at the saw with his dad and cut out his car.

Then we sanded it and got it all prepared to paint. You will see the finished product in the next post.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kayden's winter basketball

Kayden has been playing winter basketball again this year. Troy is coaching his team and Jaycee, Ori, and I love to go and watch. It is amazing at how much he has improved just from last year. He has games on every Saturday. They practice for 30 minutes and then have a 30 minutes game. It is a nice set up, because we aren't running one day for practice and then one day for games. It is all combined. Another thing they do that I think is such a good idea, is they have each of the boys wear a different color wrist band. Then they opposing team has wrist bands on too. So Kayden knows that if he is wearing the blue wrist band that he is guarding the boy on the other team with the blue wrist band. I think it is such a smart way to teach the boys about paying attention to who they are guarding.We have had lots of family come and support Kayden. I happen to have my camera on the day Uncle Perry and Aunt Marcy came. The others that have supported him this year are Papa Clyde and Nannie Becky, Grandpa and Grandma Jensen, and Great Grandpa Jensen. Kayden always loves when people come to watch him play. Thanks for those of you who have supported him.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jaycee's 3rd Birthday

We welcomed the new year with a birthday for our little "New Year's Baby". I know, she is not a baby anymore but she will always be my baby. Jaycee turned three this year and we celebrated her birthday the weekend after New Years. She was so excited for her birthday this year and helped us count down the days until it was here.Her brothers thought they needed to help her with all of her presents. :) She was so cute and so appreciative of every present. Since it was right after Christmas and she really didn't "need" more toys, she got a bunch of new clothes along with some toys. She needed the clothes and was so cute after she would open each new present. In this picture she had just opened up a cute pair of jeans and she was so excited about them. I can see it now....future shopper and clothes fanatic.We made cupcakes this year instead of a cake. I love this picture of her getting ready to blow out her candle.She got a princess package for one of her gifts. It had a little purse in it, a crown, lip gloss, and finger nail polish. She thought that was one of the coolest gifts. She put her crown on and walked around putting lip gloss on everyone and painting every one's fingernails.

Ori even got in on the action and put some lip gloss on Aunt Terra.
Here are a few pictures of family and friends who shared this special day with us. Courtney, Aunt Terra, and Uncle Steve from Boise. Notice Jaycee had to try on one of her new outfits and her new coat for the picture. Dave, Steph, and Brooke.
Grandma Becky and Aunt Ab Jo.
Grandpa and Grandma Jensen.
Uncle Gary, Aunt Amber, and Regie were there also but snuck away before I got a picture. Thanks everyone who was able to attend and who helped us celebrate having this special little one in our lives. We love you all!