Sunday, September 28, 2008

Steph's & Megan's Birthdays

We went out last night for Steph's and Megan's birthdays. We started at La Fiesta for some yummy Mexican food and Steph and Meg got the royal birthday treatment with all the singing, sombreros, and even whip cream on the face. They were both good sports.

This is Dave trying to fit under Steph's hat to get in the picture with her, we were laughing so hard!
Then we headed off to Side Winders for some dancing, foosball, and karaoke. We had a ton of fun.

Some of the girls: Sundii, Steph, Megan, and Me
This was like #5 of several attempts to get a picture of these two. They kept making funny faces and make each other laugh.

I sang Shoop by Salt-n-Peppa with a good friend of ours, Jesse. (btw he is an AWESOME singer)

Then the guys got up and sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. They were AWESOME and totally got into it. They were doing all the different voices and actions and everything. They even put their arms around each other during the "serious and sentimental" parts of the song. We got the biggest kick out of the four of them and the whole place cheered for them when they were finished. They were by far the most popular song of the night!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Awesome Game!

Kayden was AMAZING in his soccer game today! His team won 8-1 and Kayden scored 5 of this team's 8 goals. He was on FIRE!! I was so proud of him!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Scout Badge

Last night was Kayden's Pack meeting where he earned his first badges. He earned his Bobcat badge and also earned his bow & arrow badge and belt loop and his BB gun badge and belt loop. We are so proud of Kayden, he has taken this really seriously but also really enjoys it. He works hard and this was such a wonderful way to celebrate his work.

When he received his Bobcat badge he earned a pin. He gets to pin it on either his mom or dad. Here is Kayden pinning it on his dad. Notice Ori & Jaycee had to be right there watching what was going on.

And here is Kayden showing all of his accomplishments and awards.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Troy was gone all last week working on a job in Pine. He left Monday at 5 am and was hoping to be back by Thursday, but there was more to do than he thought and so he ended up staying until Sunday night. Not that it isn't bad enough that he is gone, but he also had NO CELL SERVICE in pine at all. We missed him terribly. So on Saturday morning, after Kayden's soccer game, the kids and I rode up to Pine to take a few materials that Troy was needing to finish the job. It was SO BEAUTIFUL there.......amazing.

Here are some pictures of the cabin (if you can call it that, it is HUGE) that he was working on. Look how small his truck looks parked in front of it....enough said. :)

Here are some pictures of the view from inside and around the yard. The pictures do it absolutely NO JUSTICE!!

We just hung out all day, the kids were in HEAVEN. There was so much room to roam and so many things to check out. They were absolutely filthy by the time we left, but they had an amazing time.
They found all of these little frogs all over the place. They put one frog in a water bottle and begged to bring it home. You would be amazed the things my children bring home from all the numerous job sites.

The kids had so much fun playing on this HUGE beam they were getting ready to put up. They took turns walking across it and jumping off.

Kayden even held Jaycee's hand and helped her across. I snapped a picture when he wasn't looking because you know doing "cute" things at the age of seven are just "not cool".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Puppy

Okay Craig & Keri, here are some pictures of the kids and their puppy! For those of you who don't know we got a puppy from Craig and Keri for Kayden's birthday. It has been a lot of fun but a lot of work too. Kayden is learning responsibility, and I must say he does very well. He is in charge of feeding the puppy and taking her out for potty breaks (of course mom gets this job at six in the morning and during school hours, but all other times it is Kayden's).

It is a big adjustment to get use to an indoor pet if you have never had one before, but I think we are getting the hang of it. The kids are big helpers.

Here is a couple pictures of Hummer's first bath. She looks like a rat when she is wet, but when she is dried off she is all fluffy and cute again:

Hummer is "officially" Kayden's dog but we all enjoy her. Kayden is great with her and shows her LOTS of love. One day he came in from taking the dog out for a potty break and said, "Mom, having a dog is a lot of responsibility." I said, "Yes it is, have you changed your mind about having a puppy?" and he said, "NO WAY MOM, I love her!"
Ori is great with her too. Ori is to potty nazi. He is always watching the puppy closely to make sure she isn't sniffing around. The second she starts showing signs that is time for a potty break Ori starts yelling "the puppy is sniffing, the puppy is sniffing." This picture is after her bath and she isn't completely dried all the way yet.
Jaycee is hilarious with the puppy. She loves to have something around the house smaller than her that she can feel like she is "in charge" of. When she picks up Hummer she always carries her under her arm resting on her hip. It is so funny to watch her walk around holding the puppy this way. She has also put the puppy in her baby cradle, the shopping cart, the stroller, and in the back of a dump truck. Most of the time Hummer just likes the attention, but sometimes she isn't too impressed with Jaycee's ideas. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Fun

My youngest sister, Abbie, decided to come and spend the weekend with us and hang out. She also took Kayden and Jaycee to Coldstone for some ice cream. This is one of Abbie's favorite stops when she comes here because they don't have on in Burley.

Then on Saturday Perry and Marcy came to town to drive around and look at some homes to get an idea of what color of rock and stucco to do on the outside of their house. We talked them into packing their stuff and just staying the night since their house is all tore apart. Amber and Gary came over and had tacos with us and brought a couple of wii games. We played the games all night and the girls took turns painting each other's toenails.

Then on Sunday we had FOOTBALL DAY! The same people from the night before were here and then Dave & Steph's family, and David & Amy's family came over and spent the day with us. We had lots of finger foods and watched football, played tennis, and played volleyball at the park. It was a fun day!

Jaycee looking cuter than ever at the park watching us play volleyball. Notice she is sporting her Cowboys jersey for football day! :)

Team 1: Brooke, Steph, Marcy, Perry, Dave (behind the Castaway ball), and Abbie Jo
Team 2: Colton, Lindsey, Troy, Jen (not a Saints fan, just borrowed Dave's hat to keep the sun out of my eyes so I could play better:), Amy, and David