Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Valentine's Date

This year my two younger sisters and I decided to plan a fun Valentine's date for our sweethearts and our kids. Mom & Dad were out of town, but we still met at their house and the girls made a delicious dinner for our families consisting of grilled steak and chicken, garlic shrimp, homemade fried rice, and a special valentine's parfait, and topped it off with sparkling cider. We made the kids heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and they got their own candle lit dinner on a smaller table just like the adults. Mom surprised us and had the table all set up for us before she left out of town, it was so cute. Our Valentine's was layers of shortcake, vanilla pudding, strawberries, blackberries, and and topped with whip was YUM-O!
The kids table.

After dinner was cleaned up we had a little extra time before our movie so we played the new wii game Just Dance. It was hilarious and a good workout.

Then our cousin Chancey came down and babysat the kids and the six of us went to the movies to see Valentine's Day. It was cute and such a fun night.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dallas vs. Minnesota Playoff game - Jan 2010

Troy and I were able to get tickets to go to a playoff game this year. Anyone who knows me knows how HUGE of a football fan I am and also knows that DALLAS COWBOYS are my team. We actually bought the tickets to fly into Minnesota and watch this playoff game before we knew who the Vikings would play, crossing our fingers that Dallas would win and be the opposing team. Luckily, that is what happened and I can not even begin to explain how excited I was to go see my team play LIVE and even more, in a PLAYOFF game.

We went with my uncle Perry and his wife Marcy who are HUGE Vikings (or should I say, Farve) fans. We ended up finding seats on the 4th row.......AMAZING. We were so close I could smell the sweat on the players......did I mention AMAZING!! :)

Even though my team failed to "show up and play" it was still one of the most awesome experiences EVER. We had a great time! Here are a few pictures.

This was from the dinner our first night in town.

Then the next morning we got invited to go tailgating with an acquaintance of my uncle's. Here are some of our tailgating friends. We started tailgating @ 9 in the morning and it was cold.

Here are some pictures during the game. For all you Farve fans here is one of him celebrating to the crowd after a touchdown.

This shows how great our seats were. We were on the 4th row at the 10 yard line. It was AWESOME!
Here are some "super fans" for Minnesota that were sitting on the 1st row just in front of us. They loved that a Dallas fan wanted a picture with them.
Notice the sea of purple. Not too many Dallas fans in this section of the crowd, but I still wore my jersey proudly!!
The Viking rode his motorcycle on the field in the beginning of the game.

The ending score.....I know, I know.....brutal.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet sweet New Year's Baby Jaycee Kaye! We love you little girl and couldn't imagine our lives without you! Hope your day is great!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Softball Tournament

This last weekend Troy played in one of the last men's softball tournaments of the season. It was in Boise and we decided to not take the kids to this one. Luckily I have amazing family that was willing to help with the kids. Thanks Aunt Jo, Dad, and Mom for your help with the kids so I could go and enjoy this weekend with my hubby.
We left Twin Friday night to go to Boise and get settled in our hotel so we were there and ready for the games that started Saturday morning. Then we went out and ate and hung out with some of the other couples there from the team.

Here is my good friend Steph and I before we headed out for dinner Friday night. We shared a room with her and her hubby Matt, Troy's assistant coach.

Then Saturday morning the games started. Here is a picture of our fans. Troy's sister and her hubby and their daughter Courtney came and hung out with us for the weekend since they live in Boise.
Some of the girls....Courtney (my niece), Terra (sister-in-law), Jodi (soon to be sister-in-law), Me, Loni, and Steph.My nieces were our score keepers for the day.
In between games we all hung out in the shade. They guys did so amazing on the first day. This is before their last game of the day. They went undefeated the whole day! Warming up for the last game of the day.
This is the hottest player on the team! :)

Here are some pictures of our fans and players with their spouses.

Ivan & Kara
Thayne & Jodi

Troy & I
Terra & Steve
Loni & Mike
Mark & Lisa Amy & Ryan and their son
Todd & his daughter Kaitlynn
Riley & Courtney
Matt & Steph
My good friend Loni & IThayne & TroyMatt & Troy getting a little too cozy in between games in the shade. :)Troy & Matt waiting for their last game to start. This is one of my favorite pictures of the weekend.
A team cheer after winning their last game of the day.
The guys went undefeated for the weekend and I couldn't have been a prouder fan. Love watching them play!