Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Valentine's Date

This year my two younger sisters and I decided to plan a fun Valentine's date for our sweethearts and our kids. Mom & Dad were out of town, but we still met at their house and the girls made a delicious dinner for our families consisting of grilled steak and chicken, garlic shrimp, homemade fried rice, and a special valentine's parfait, and topped it off with sparkling cider. We made the kids heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and they got their own candle lit dinner on a smaller table just like the adults. Mom surprised us and had the table all set up for us before she left out of town, it was so cute. Our Valentine's was layers of shortcake, vanilla pudding, strawberries, blackberries, and and topped with whip was YUM-O!
The kids table.

After dinner was cleaned up we had a little extra time before our movie so we played the new wii game Just Dance. It was hilarious and a good workout.

Then our cousin Chancey came down and babysat the kids and the six of us went to the movies to see Valentine's Day. It was cute and such a fun night.