Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 1 & 2 of our California vacation

I know it took me forever to get some of this on here, but you have no idea how crazy busy our lives have been.

This was our first day. This is a picture of the kids just as we are pulling out of Twin Falls for our long trip. I figured I needed to get a picture of them smiling in the vehicle before they were hating it after the long hours. I made a travel bag for each kid that had books, color books, puzzles, and some miscellaneous toys. Then I also took a sheet cake pan (using my imagination) for each of them to use as a tray. It worked out great because when we ate in the vehicle they had a little lip on their tray that didn't let the stuff slide off.We drove all day through Idaho, and Nevada. We pulled into Las Vegas right around 11:00 at night. All three kids stayed awake long enough to pull into Vegas and see all the lights and buildings. The kids were AMAZED!! They couldn't believe it. Kayden asked us who made this city and we said it has been growing over years and years by lots of people. He said to us "I would like to meet whoever did this and thank them for the masterpiece." What a kid! And to think that came from a seven year old.

This is a picture of Jaycee as we pulled out of Las Vegas. She stayed awake just long enough to get to see all the lights and hustle and bustle, then she fell asleep.
The first night we stayed at Buffalo Bill's Hotel in Primm, NV. This is just a few miles outside of Vegas. Perfect for just traveling through and having three very young kids with us.This is the kids the first night in a hotel. They think staying in a hotel is the coolest thing ever. We decided it was like having a slumber party every night. Then the second day we traveled the rest of the way to Sand Diego. We found a hotel that was close to Sea World (where we were going the next day). It had a kid's suite that had bunk beds and a little kitchen. The kids thought the setup was pretty cool. Once we got all settled we went swimming in the hotel pool before we were off the The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The swimming was a little cold, but felt like summer time compared to the snow we left on the ground back at home.

Great couple of days to start off our week vacation! More to come.....